Propaganda offers more digital printing methods than anyone.

Flexi Print

Flexi Print allows us to cut images using colored vinyl and heat apply them to almost any type of garment. Great for printing names and numbers for team uniforms but also for short run logos on a wide variety of garments.

Smart Print

This is a print & cut heat applied material that provides excellent and vibrant reproduction. Great for photos or multi-color designs.

Dye Sublimation

This technology is perfect for team uniforms or for other athletic garments.

Dye sublimation requires printing on 100% polyester fabric.

Plus dye sublimation allows us to print the entire garment if needed and if the volume is high enough. For all over prints, we print the fabric first and then cut and sew the finished jersey or T-shirt.

We can still print smaller volumes using dye sublimation, but are limited to more normal print sizes.

LZR Print

Using color laser print technology, we can print a wide array of images onto light colored T-shirts and other garments.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

DTG printing is a method of garment imaging where the artwork is printed directing onto the surface of cotton garments.

DTG offers great reproduction and a very soft hand. It works great for photographic images.

Banners & Stickers

Propaganda also prints full color vinyl banners and stickers. Call or email us for more information.